*new style* Provide me with your own personal photos and they can be used as the backdrop for your word or family name.
These wooden blocks are hand-made with lots of love & care starting from the sanding & painting right down to the last button, ribbon or add-on.
These blocks can be used for your own home decor, a baby gift, a child's birthday or even a co-worker. Use someone's name or pick a fun word!
Instead of looking for a specific child's name in a store, or even hoping they actually have the name spelled correctly, have your very own set of blocks with that name. Great for a nursery, child's room or as a baby gift.
They can also be custom made. Ex. Ask for specific colours of paper or theme (snowflakes, sports, stripes, girl, boy, animals) etc.
These blocks have also been used as decor in a home or office. Think words like 'welcome' or 'family' or 'love'.... The possibilities are as many as the words you can come up with!
The blocks come in white, chocolate brown or black with matching letters and a variety of scrapbook papers, ribbons, buttons and add ons.
1-4 blocks $30.00
Each additional block $5.00
If you?d like both sides to have a word (reversible) the cost will be 50% more (in other words, half price for 2nd side). If you think you?d enjoy these or know someone who would, please place an order. I'm also on facebook...
jbirds & sonshine
I look forward to hearing from you & helping you brighten a room!